Diritto internazionale

Steve Jobs is now a Neapolitan brand

“Steve Jobs” is now a fashion brand. Two Neapolitans entrepreneurs, after verifying that the “Steve Jobs brand” has never been registered by Apple or someone else, at least in Europe, decided to register it for their fashion brand. Apple, obviously enough, reacted but the judge has rejected Apple’s appeal and stated that the Italian company has the rights to use the brand for its products in fashion and accessories market, as the letter “J” is not a fruit as Apple, so it could not be bitten.

As it was not enough, the company logo “Steve Jobs” is represented by a “J” with a sort of “bite” and the leaf in the top, recalling the Apple logo.

The two entrepreneurs registered three signs, the first with the name “Steve Jobs” and a big “J” that resembles Apple’s logo, the second is a clean spelling of Steve Jobs name, the third is the ‘bitten’ “J” with the leaf in the top.

Therefore, Neapolitans obtained the right to use Steve Jobs brans throughout EU in 2014: after the decision of simple Court, European Chamber of Commerce, it was the verdict from the European Union Office for Intellectual Property: “Apple’s opposition is rejected”. After having obtained the EU registration, they started to expand it and today the signs are protected in the whole world.

The two entrepreneurs affirmed: “We did our market research and we noticed that Apple, one of the best known companied in the world, never thought about registering its founder’s brand. So we decided to do it ourselves.”

Moreover, they affirmed that the brand was born not only for fashion but also for electronics. It’s been years, though, the two Neapolitans are working on an innovative electronic line: fashion and design are the kind of companies they always worked for, but producing electronics has always been the aim of the Steve Jobs brand.

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